You will rock in 2021…

In the final fall of 2020, you should stand up, raise your arms, and pat yourself on your back.

You have sailed through the most challenging year of your life.

Who would have imagined that life would be like this one day?

Confined in the four walls months after months.

No less than a Hollywood Sci-Fi.

Anxiety, Uncertainty, Gloom looming all over life.

You handled the emotional roller coaster, the anxiety of being laid off, closure of your business, getting infected by a virus that had no cure.

You hit almost the bottom.

You never saw this in the past, never experienced it.

Some lost their near ones, some lost jobs, and some lost their life’s savings to survive.

But the human ingenuity finally shall prevail.

And you will prevail.

This shall pass through soon.

2021 is going to redefine time for people.

People are bouncing back.

Why not?

They will.

That said, we still have those scars in our minds and souls.

So, it’s time for healing.

Worldwide mental health is deteriorating.

People are burnt out.

Think of children, confined so long and no play.

In the final fall of 2020, hug your loved ones, thank them for standing by you.

And say it together, “We made it .”

You got the next 10 days to plan to welcome the next defining time of your life, a new era in your life.

This is no ordinary transition in the calendar.

This is a transition from despair to hope, from a fight to victory.

A momentous year of your life.

The time now is to celebrate life.

Pamper yourself and your family a bit and recuperate.

Come 2021; you got to conquer.

Buy a nice Wine if you drink or a Mocktails if you don't, Cook a Lovely Dinner, Play a piece of soulful music and get prepared to erase out 2020.

This can not be rather usual new year’s ritual.

But a promise of thriving tomorrow.

Do not make just another new year’s resolution.

Etch your heart with something that you have been longing through.

Are you eager to welcome a brand new 2021?

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