Has it happened to you?

Someday you get extremely frustrated, just with everything.

With You.

Things around you.

People around you.

Just everything!

Well, you are not alone; we all do at times.

We all crib.

This country has no future.

The government isn’t doing enough.

My wife will never…

thorny bushes

made a few scratches

during my boyhood days

while playing

blood oozed



can’t ever recall today

few scratches

on my new car that day

made me furious

for a week

thousand cuts

you inflicted

remained deep inside

I sleep with the ghosts

sometimes even today

Simplicity is grossly underrated.

Simplicity as a personal trait or simplicity as an approach to work is mostly undermined and perceived as low value by people.

Conventional wisdom gives the impression that simplicity is a lazy effort, an unthoughtful spontaneous act.

I also faced this kind of situation in my…

Mukul Kumar Das

I help People to Grow in their Life & Career || I help Business to Grow

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