If we can take only one Strategy for accelerating Economic Growth and Employment, that should be the growth of the SME sector.

The sector has tremendous potential to grow as it has not realized real growth potentials because of various bottlenecks.

The sector is already a significant contributor to the…

I could not become the CEO of a company!

I worked for 26 years, which was long enough to become a CEO, yet I couldn’t become.

Some people around me climbed the corporate ladder and made places in the CXO circuit.

I got stuck in the middle management.

Some of…

I am sure many of you have seen the movie, Castaway.

Of course, Tom Hanks did a brilliant job and got nominated for best actor in a leading role at the 73rd Academy award.

But I am not going to discuss the movie nor the actors.

Let me delve into…

Simplicity is grossly underrated.

Simplicity as a personal trait or simplicity as an approach to work is mostly undermined and perceived as low value by people.

Conventional wisdom gives the impression that simplicity is a lazy effort, an unthoughtful spontaneous act.

I also faced this kind of situation in my…

You can have either wings or your roots, someone said.

What if you have both ….

You soar high, and you are still rooted…

The country was on a high...

121 years jinx is broken.

India got a gold medal on track and fields.

Best performance in 4 decades.


40% of the time of a Manager goes in managing employee conflicts at work.

This was reported in the Times of India.

$359 billion was lost by Corporate America in 2019 on account of workplace conflicts as per the study by CPP Global.

Conflict in the workplace is a major…

I apologize, but….

I tend to agree, but...

You may be right, but...

Have you used these phrases or seen others using these phrases?

What does it mean?

I apologize, but I was not wrong alone; you did that to me.

This is not a true apology.

Do you think…

Money is not the No.1 motivator for people

People do not work for money alone.

Many times, money may not be the number one priority.

How many people you know who spent a long stint in a company that may not be the best paymaster in the industry.

Then what is the top priority for people?

What they…

In his best-selling book “Influence” Robert B Cialdini spoke about how people feel obligated to reciprocate for something they received from someone.

That is why if you get a free sample, you fill that survey form.

How many times have you heard?

Start giving before you expect anything.

We remember…

Are You Showing That Tough Love To The People You Cared For…

Every eagle needs a push.

What an irony!

The bird that soars high when others fear and goes back to its nest also needs a push.

When there is rain and storm, other birds go back to their little nest and cozy up, and the eagle flies past the clouds…

Mukul Kumar Das

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